Ear crawlers go long on personal style

Oct 7th 2021

Ear crawlers go long on personal style

4 ways to curate a major statement.

Ear crawlers are easy, impactful statement makers. They can be edgy, elegant, or a little of both. But one thing’s for sure, they pack a lot of style into basically an elongated stud. But the bigger question is, how do you style them in the mix with multiple piercings? There’s no wrong way, but we’ve got some tips on curating a look that’s all your own while letting your ear crawlers shine, front and center.

1. Bow down Go for a design that makes your title clear. Our Queen Single Ear Crawlerradiates the word Queen in fluid, flawless script. Mix it up with something equally sparkly, but in a contrasting length. Our Liquid Gold Cross Linear Earrings are anchored by a diamond-studded cross that cascades a dramatic, neck-grazing stream of liquid gold. All hail the queen (that would be you).

2. Keep it simple (with a twist) Step up your everyday studs with the elegant sparkle from the diamonds in our Solo Ear Crawlers. A trio of marquis-cut stones shines in an open, organic arrangement that stands alone, or pairs gorgeously with other designs. Throw them for a loop by adding a fresh shape to the mix. Our pick? Lana’s new electroform gold Uptown Wave Hoops from the Spring/Summer 2020 CITY collection.

3. Make it personal The non-linear look of our Solo Graduating Ear Crawler invites even more room for drama. After all, diamonds call for more diamonds, in our opinion. Make it all your own with the now iconic Say My Name Initial Hoop. Just one is all you need. If you want to keep it low-key, but still highlight your name (or somebody else worth flaunting), rock a Single Initial Stud Earring.

3. Say something meaningful Start with a statement piece, like the Solo Diamond Graduating Ear Crawlers or Legacy Ear Crawler and build your look around that. Try a statement stud. The Solo Evil Eye is one striking element of protection. Or, really let them hear you roar with the gorgeously fierce Flawless Lion Face Hoops

No matter how you mix it up, ear crawlers elevate every look. All the more incentive to go for multiple piercings so you can curate endless styling possibilities. Level up, get creative and make it your own.