It all started with an endless search for fine gold hoops. Luckily, then 27-year-old Lana never found them.

But in that moment, she seized a golden opportunity. Her business savvy and evocative vision for her own luxe jewelry line came full circle. Fast forward 20 years to a fiercely growing brand led by a team of relentlessly driven women, and we’ve arrived...in style.

“When I started my company in 2002, fine jewelry was relegated to older women, platinum was the metal of choice and its purchase was controlled by men. I saw an opportunity to create a collection that would appeal to women like me: cool girls earning their own paychecks who could buy fine jewelry for themselves.

When I launched my first collection 20 years ago with price points starting at $200 for 14-karat gold, I broke the price barrier for fine jewelry and gave the power back to the woman to be a self-purchaser. Since then, I have strived to change the face of fine jewelry by creating a category of attainable luxury.”

Lana’s claim to fame? Taking risks, ignited by her strong Leo nature. She infuses her unapologetic passion into every effortlessly sexy piece she creates, shattering the expectations of luxe energy. Her celeb-adored designs meld the sizzle of Miami, the swagger of New York and the no-nonsense attitude of Lana’s hometown, Chi-town.

Lana channels the seductive glamour of the 70’s and 80’s—a draw for fellow rule-breaker icons like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill, Rihanna, Gigi and Bella Hadid, along with countless other celebrities who rock her signature hoops. Bow down. Sure, Lana’s VIP clientele is vast, but she considers all of her clients to be the true stars, empowered with an undeniable confidence that equals celebrity status.


From delicately layered chains to bold curved hoops, you can feel the intended intimacy of each piece. Lana believes the connection between skin and self is the secret power that makes Lana Jewelry the most personal accessory you’ll ever own.


So personal, in fact, that Lana designs for every aspect of your 360-degree lifestyle. It’s multi-layered—from the gleam of our iconic gold line, Gloss, to the mesmerizing creativity of our precious diamond collection, Legacy, and Lana Girl, designed by Lana’s own 12-year-old daughter, Blake. Up next? Perhaps a men’s collection. After all, Lana’s husband and founding business partner, Rob, was the inspiration for her original name plate necklace. She made it a thing to wear your heart on your sleeve long before it took off as a trend.


Today, Lana is boss babe alongside her father, business partner and CFO Naum, all while simultaneously slaying the titles of luxury designer, mom, wife and business owner. It’s this constant momentum that fuels her desire to give her clients more, always. And she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.


Shop Lana at luxury retailers, including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks and independent boutiques across the country.


Go for a statement. The attitude is all in the wrist.

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