Let Leo season reign.

Jun 5th 2021

Let Leo season reign.

Take the lion’s share of the Zodiac.

It’s the Leos’ time to shine. Celebrate the fiercest of the 12 astrological signs with the new Zodiac Collection, just in time for the lion’s sign to rule the constellations. To spotlight these bold, natural born leaders (including Lana herself), we’ve rounded up our favorite Lana Jewelry designs to let your inner Leo emerge.

The new Zodiac Collection is a celebration and expression of the elements that make you, you. Like astrology itself, the designs are mystical and magical, reimagined in a modern, abstract interpretation that beams light years ahead in gold and diamonds. It feels instantly personal to layer on a piece of you that’s literally written in the stars. Up first: the Leo pendant necklace.

A few facts about Leo
A few facts about Leo
Element: Fire
Characteristics: natural born leaders, dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant, difficult to resist, driven and determined, strong in every sense, and fiercely loyal

Beyond the Zodiac collection, the Leo’s spirit animal, the lion, is seen in other wildly bold designs from Lana Jewelry. Wear them together with the Leo Zodiac pendant necklace for a truly ferocious, one-of-a-kind of confidence.

Flawless Lion Pendant This larger-than-life pendant was designed by Lana as part of an exclusive collection for the Art Institute of Chicago. It was inspired by the pair of lion statues that stoically guard this masterpiece of a museum.

Lion Beast Amulet When you have the heart and ferocity of a lion, we say, go full-on beast mode. This gold lion beast pendant is pure alpha, right down to the emerald eyes. Wear it close as a strong means of protection.

LionLion Face Hoops Hoops on their own one of the most fearless and fearsome accessories you can wear. Level up by letting your Leo animal radiate with the gold hoops adorned with an intricately etched Lion face.