Keep calm and shine on.

Jun 5th 2021

Keep calm and shine on.

Live in the present with personalized pieces that hold special meaning.

There’s no doubt, it’s a stressful time in this brave new world. When things feel uncertain, it can help to find comfort and a sense of control by holding special things close to you. Whether it’s your astrological sign, the year you were born, an inspiring symbol or a fierce show of courage, little luxuries can go a long way to remind you of what really matters. Here are four ways to help you stay present and live in the moment.

Find your sign. Every element of you is reflected in your zodiac sign. Whether you’re a fire or air sign, a leader or a harmonizer, it’s written in the stars. Bring your sign into your universe to feel more grounded. Layer it into your everyday mix to wear a little piece of you.

Born to reign. Numbers are powerful. They can be nostalgic, mysterious or romantic. Create your own personalized pendant necklace by choosing the four digits that make up the year you were born. It’s a sparkling nod to when life began and how far you’ve come.

Get hands on. Keep somebody special always at arm’s length with an initial hand lariat. A hand lariat is a unique and unexpected jewelry statement piece on its own. But the addition of a special initial makes it really meaningful. Double down on that sentiment with a diamond bracelet scripted with the word ‘love’ on the opposite wrist.

Show your courage. There’s no animal more fierce than the king of the jungle, the almighty lion. Put on a brave face with the half lion face hoops. Or choose a wing amulet pendant as an enlightened truth that you’ll rise above any adversity. Another show of strength? The Hamsa. It’s a traditional sign of protection said to bring happiness, luck, health and good fortune. Who couldn’t use more of that?