Good vibes only.

Oct 6th 2021

Good vibes only.

Stay strong with the positivity of amulets.

It’s easy to feel stressed and anxious during times of change, like right now. We get it and we’re with you. But little things can make a big difference in our outlook, to help us get through the day and keep moving forward. That’s why we’re all about amulets. As symbols of protection, they feel especially sacred and relevant at this very moment. So find one that speaks to you, rock it and reclaim your strength.

Here are our faves:

Lion Beast Necklace You’re not messing around with this fierce beauty, a bold gold piece studded with diamonds and piercing emerald eyes.

Flawless Hamsa Amulet The open hand of the Hamsa is a symbol of protection, said to bring happiness, luck, health and good fortune. This intricate design shines bright with diamonds.

Flawless Wing Amulet Wear this diamond-tipped gold wing to feel fearless and free. Layer it on as a liberating addition to your Lana look.

Flawless Evil Eye Pendant Said to ward off the superstition of an evil glare, the mysterious Evil Eye charm is traditionally represented as a bold blue and white eye. Lana’s rendition elevates the symbol in elegant gold and diamonds.

Flawless Cross Amulet Wearing your faith close to your heart can feel powerful. Studded with infinite diamonds, this cross amulet is a sparkling reminder of your beliefs.