Jewelry + Product Care


Lana Quality

Lana Jewelry uses the highest quality gold and precious stones. All pieces from Lana Jewelry are 14KT gold, known for its beautiful color and durability, as 14KT gold is the sturdiest of gold.

Lana Jewelry uses the highest quality diamonds, even in the smallest form. All of our diamonds are hand-picked and have the following characteristics:

Cut: Full

Color: G-H

Purity: SI-1

The diamonds used in our pieces have been purchased from legitimate sources that are conflict-free and are in compliance with the Kimberly Process.


Jewelry Care

To prevent damage to your Lana Jewelry, we recommend you store each piece separately in a safe pouch or lined box.

We recommend periodically checking the clasps, posts, hooks, and chains on your Lana pieces. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals that could alter the physical color of gold. Remove your Lana pieces before swimming in the ocean or chlorinated swimming pools.

To clean, gently wash your jewelry in warm water and dish soap to remove everyday buildup. If you believe your piece needs extra care, please follow the repair shipment instructions above to ship your piece to us for professional polishing. Include a note in your repair package, noting your request for a “High Polish.”


Liquid Gold

The herringbone is a complex chain. The chain is not completely flexible and cannot be bent. Once bent, a kink is created and cannot be removed. This chain is not repairable. Please be mindful when caring for your Liquid Gold pieces. When not in use, lay flat in a safe, temperature controlled area, like a jewelry box or drawer. When traveling, package in a secure way so the chain will always lay flat.


PLEASE NOTE: Lana Unlimited is not responsible for any lost or damaged stones if the piece is polished by any other jeweler than Lana Jewelry.


If you notice a certain ring or bracelet size is not offered on our website, please contact

Additional chain added to necklaces and bracelets is available at an additional cost and will be final sale. Please contact the email address above with the style and amount of chain you would like added.


Get Personal Collection

All custom nameplate necklaces from the Get Personal collection take approximately 4 weeks to produce, regardless of shipment choice.

All custom nameplate necklaces purchased from the Get Personal collection are final sale, with the exception of a single letter nameplate style.


Lana Jewelry reserves the right to change the prices and availability of our products at any time.

Any promotions offered will be communicated on our website or via email. Exact start and end dates for promotions will be clearly stated. Any expired promotion will not be accepted, regardless of the circumstance.